External Solid Wall Insulation Fit For An Emperor!

extreme cold resistance               **FREE INSULATION GRANTS**
               **CUT WINTER FUEL BILLS**
               **LOWER CO2 EMISSIONS**
               **STOPS CONDENSATION**
               **INCREASES HOUSE VALUE**
               **£000′s CASH BACK SCHEME**
               **FREE ONLINE QUOTES**



Solid wall homes cost more to heat and are more prone to condensation damp than modern cavity wall built properties.When it comes to insulating your home retro-fitting External Wall Insulation (EWI) is the most thermally efficient way of reducing heat loss in solid wall houses.Plus,you enjoy saving £1000′s in winter fuel bills in the coming years!!

When available we offer access to the government’s Grant Scheme and our exterior wall insulation specialists cover most of the UK. With free, no obligation quotes and possible future Grant Funding  there has never been a better time to take action and insulate your wallet,as well as your walls, from ever-rising energy costs.


Solid Walls – “Hard To Heat ” & ” Hard To Treat” ?

external insulationThese are phrases used to describe  the 7 million solid wall properties in the UK. If you live in one of these homes then you will walls leaking heatappreciate the difficulty and costs involved in trying to keep warm in winter without taking out a second mortgage ! What is really meant is that it is “hard to heat” whilst keeping heating bills at an affordable level.

With the Government and Prime Minister backing external wall insulation through Energy Grants , VAT subsidies  and the Green Deal scheme there has never been a better time to start saving money by getting a free, no obligation quote for exterior insulation.

You can contact our Call Back Service on  03300 889552 and leave a message for one of our team to get back to you with the information you require. 


The Cost Effective Solution!

According to the respected Energy Saving Trust retro-fitting insulation on the outside walls is the most thermally effective solution for cutting heat loss in solid wall homes.The gains in thermal U values show that external wall insulation retains more heat within the house than either cavity wall insulation or internal dry lining.

details of retro fit grants and costWith the Green Deal introducing free grants and pay-as-you-save loans having external wall insulation becomes even more attractive. Factor in the increase in your property value plus the incessant oil and gas price rises and solid wall insulation really does become a no-brainer.

By giving us a free call or sending us an email you can get an idea of the likely costs of installing external solid wall insulation on your home including any free grants without even committing to a home visit!



The Smarter Homes Difference

 Smarter Homes Ltd work out of  our Nottingham Head Office with national coverage provided by our network of approved external installation partners. We are dedicated to becoming the leading external wall insulation specialists for solid wall homes for home-owners and tenants.

wethertex renderWe follow the Green Deal Code of Conduct at all stages from initial enquiry to a property assessment visit and from quotation through to a successful installation to Building Regs standards.

Our manufacturing and installer partners are all highly qualified and have many years experience of installing external wall insulation systems to all types of property.



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