British Gas Extend Insulation Grants

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the……

Until 1st May 2011 any duel fuel British Gas customer can now apply for completely free loft and cavity wall insulation. Until recently the only people who received free insulation grants under the C.E.R.T carbon reduction scheme were those over 65 and those in receipt of certain benefit payments.

For a short time only the 100% subsidy has been extended to all customers regardless of age or income, so if you were considering topping up your loft insulation to 300mm deep or having your cavity walls filled, then there has never been a better time.

Remember also that a typical loft insulation will save around £140 per year in heating bills and cavity wall insulation will save at least another £200 on an average 3 bed home. As your home will need to be surveyed before any insulation is fitted it pays to get in early to guarantee you will meet the May 1st deadline.

Remember that when having cavity wall insulation the outside walls are drilled so if you have painted bricks or a render finish then you will need to touch up these sections to maintain the appearance. Again, if the exterior needs painting anyway you may also want to take advantage of our fantastic exterior wall coatings and forget about having to paint the walls every 4 to 5  years.

Is Solid Wall Insulation also covered ?

Yes you can still claim the loft insulation but obviously not the cavity injections. However you may be eligible for a small grant towards the costs of external wall insulation on the whole house or just particularly cold walls.

Alternatively, you may want to consider energy saving thermal wall paper, especially if you are going to be redecorating in the near future. This German invention is incredibly effective and is designed for DIY use , making it even more affordable.


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