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External Solid Wall Insulation Grants

east midlands semiSmarter Homes’ partners have been fitting exterior wall insulation systems with grants since 1980′s across the

Sheffield,Leeds & Huddersfield

area. In many cases we can obtain free Grants to help with all or part of the costs.

So,if you live in one of the 500,000 solid wall homes in the South Yorkshire area which can benefit from a reduction in heat loss and heating bills call Smarter Homes now for a free quote or advice on grants in your area.


Cold Walls Cost Money

warmer wallsA solid wall with no insulation loses around 80% more heat than an insulated wall.

By retro- fitting an external Smarter Homes wall insulation system the typical home-owner can save around £400 off their yearly heating bill.

The walls are wrapped in a thermal blanket which is then rendered as shown opposite. Not only does the house get a make-over but it also rises in value due to the lower running costs.

Freephone 03300 889 552 or CLICK  FOR GRANT ELIGIBILITY

Who Qualifies For a Grant

The great news is that every home-owner or tenant living in a solid wall home is eligible is eligible for the insulation grants and VAT subsidy.

There is no means testing involved and in some cases other energy saving home improvements such as double glazing or loft insulation may also be made available.

There has never been a better time to beat the rising cost of trying to keep warm in winter so why not call us now and find out how soon your home can be transformed.

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Any Government Grants for External Wall Insulation ?

Any Government Grants for External Wall Insulation ?

Fortunately there are some Government “grants “coming in the very near future through the Green Deal Scheme.In addition, the Government do only charge 5% vat so in effect give a 15% subsidy through the taxation system.

RICS PRICE RISE They have also instructed the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to give a higher value to homes with substantial energy saving measures such as external wall insulation systems. Whilst RICS are still formulating the new valuation models it is thought that a premium of around 5% to 6% will apply ie an increase in value of around £8000 to £10,000 on the average property price of £160,000. (more…)

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British Gas Extend Insulation Grants

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the……

Until 1st May 2011 any duel fuel British Gas customer can now apply for completely free loft and cavity wall insulation. Until recently the only people who received free insulation grants under the C.E.R.T carbon reduction scheme were those over 65 and those in receipt of certain benefit payments.

For a short time only the 100% subsidy has been extended to all customers regardless of age or income, so if you were considering topping up your loft insulation to 300mm deep or having your cavity walls filled, then there has never been a better time.

Remember also that a typical loft insulation will save around £140 per year in heating bills and cavity wall insulation will save at least another £200 on an average 3 bed home. As your home will need to be surveyed before any insulation is fitted it pays to get in early to guarantee you will meet the May 1st deadline.

Remember that when having cavity wall insulation the outside walls are drilled so if you have painted bricks or a render finish then you will need to touch up these sections to maintain the appearance. Again, if the exterior needs painting anyway you may also want to take advantage of our fantastic exterior wall coatings and forget about having to paint the walls every 4 to 5  years.

Is Solid Wall Insulation also covered ?

Yes you can still claim the loft insulation but obviously not the cavity injections. However you may be eligible for a small grant towards the costs of external wall insulation on the whole house or just particularly cold walls.

Alternatively, you may want to consider energy saving thermal wall paper, especially if you are going to be redecorating in the near future. This German invention is incredibly effective and is designed for DIY use , making it even more affordable.


.                                          THINC Wethertex  -  Keeping You Warm Saving You Money

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Greener Homes Update from Dep’t for Energy & Climate Change

The Government last year published a long and detailed report – Greener Homes – setting out the UK’s long term plans to hit the Carbon Reduction targets we have signed up to . Emphasis was on the ways in which existing houses could use energy far more efficiently to cut both carbon emissions and winter heating bills.

Part of this plan was the ” Green Deal ” in which help was to be offered to homeowners to help get solid wall insulation installed along the lines of a long term greem loan with low repayments and some help from the Energy Suppliers themselves towards the costs.

The below article is reproduced from the Dept for Energy & Climate Change and is the latest press release on this subject:

Huhne demands greater lagging effort from energy suppliers

A massive increase in the amount of home insulation installed across Great Britain is being kick started today, paving the way for the Government’s new Green Deal.

By properly insulating homes, people can save money on fuel bills, protect the warmth of their home and cut carbon emissions. It’s estimated the most energy inefficient homes in the UK could save, on average, around £550 per year by installing insulation measures.

Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne is today demanding that energy suppliers work harder to insulate lofts and walls ensuring that consumers, especially low income vulnerable households, receive measures which can offer significant energy bill savings.

Under the newly restructured Government obligation on energy companies (CERT – Carbon Emissions Reduction Target), extended from March 2011 until December 2012:

* 68% of energy suppliers’ work will now have to be met through professionally installed loft, cavity and solid wall insulation. With DIY insulation added, more than 80% of the scheme will be focused on insulation. Previously just 60% was met through professional and DIY work;
* 15% of homes helped will be the lowest income households more at risk of fuel poverty;
* Energy companies will now be stopped from promoting compact fluorescent lamps in order to prioritise insulation, further to the total ban on light bulb mail-outs.

The changes to CERT will mean some 3.5 million more homes across Great Britain are likely to benefit from insulation, building substantially on the 2.5 million homes treated under the scheme since April 2008.

Chris Huhne said:

“Our plans will give a huge boost to the insulation industry during the economic recovery as we pave the way for the start of the Green Deal. This is the beginning of a massive and urgent increase in home energy insulation for the nation. We are demanding that energy companies work harder to make homes warmer, more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run, especially for those who need it most.”

The government announced in the Queen’s Speech that it is to introduce legislation which will enable households to finance more expensive measures like solid wall insulation with no upfront costs. Through the Green Deal, energy efficiency work could be repaid through a charge on a home’s energy meter offset by the savings made on fuel bills, meaning many householders will benefit from day one. This Green Deal is expected to be available in late 2012.”

We will make sure that future press releases are conveyed on this blog and welcome your thoughts on these matters.

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Care for England & Help The Aged Insulation Grants

A recent article in one of the local Cambridgeshire papers and unearthed by a google search concentrates on some retired local home-owners in March,Cambs who recently were awarded the full cost of fitting external wall insulation by the Council working in conjunction with Care for England.

Care for England are a charity dedicated to improving the living conditions of the over 65′s and work closely with Government, local Councils and Help the Aged and do have access to and influence over certain pools of money that can be used to upgrade the homes of the elderly especially in matters of energy conservation and lowering running costs within the home.

As with a call to your local Council it is well worth getting in touch with either Help the Aged or Care for England in your area to see if there are any grants available towards the costs of external insulation . You should find their numbers in your local directory or via

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Grants for External Insulation, Notts,Lincs,Yorks,Derbys,Leics

Whilst we are currently in the midst of tough economic times there are still some small grants available from certain Energy Companies under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target scheme.
The grants are only applicable for external insulation that has been carried out by an accredited installer and using accredited and tested materials that are acceptable to Building Regs under Part L1B . The installer – in this case Thinc – can claim a small grant rebate for the client in exchange for the client letting the Energy Company claim the CO2 savings towards their reduction targets.
To our way of thinking any free contribution is not to be passed up and although only small in size the grants can mitigate a lot of the extra cost incurred when fitting an insulation render system as opposed to a render only system.
The grants do vary by property type and size and can be paid as a rebate several weeks after the work is completed or can be deducted from the initial cost if the home-owner prefers.

If you would like to discuss this further we would be delighted to hear from you by phone or emailing wall insulation grants

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