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Reducing our Electricity Bills

electric savingsIn this second article on energy saving tips we look at simple and effective ways to cut down our electric usage and save  our hard earned money whilst also being kinder to the environment.

In this day and age most households have far more high-tech gadgets and appliances than ever before and virtually all of them are run on electric or rechargeable batteries and so every watt we can save is a big help in keeping bills down.


Energy Saving Tips

  1. tips for electric savings1.If you have a lamp with a dimmer feature you will be surprised to learn it still uses electricity when switched off unless you unplug it at the mains.
  2. Use  PIR outside lights so you are not burning electric
  3. If going away on holiday use timer switches to minimize usage
  4. Make sure your electrical goods are not left on permanent stand by
  5. When using the fridge or freezer keep to a minimum the amount of time the doors are left open.
  6. When charging your phone, computer or camera make sure you disconnect the plug from the socket as soon as the re-charge is complete
  7. When replacing any white goods try to buy A rated appliances
  8. Replace light bulbs with low energy or LED lights if at all possible
  9. Dry washing outside as often as possible to reduce tumble drier costs
  10. Only use the washing machine or dishwasher on a full load and washing at 40 degrees instead of 60 degrees saves energy as well.
  11. If you need to defrost a food item put it in the fridge as the cold given off will make the fridge use less electric whilst the defrosting occurs
  12. Re-discover your romantic side and enjoy candle lit dinners and evenings without switching on the lights!!
  13. Check out solar garden and path lighting as a decorative alternative outdoor lighting source.


These are just some examples of simple every day actions that will help you save money on your electric bill without spending any extra on new devices. Of course, if you have the finance available you can invest in solar panels or wind turbines to generate your own electric and further cut your bills and in time more affordable systems will make these an increasingly popular choice.


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