External Wall Insulation for Private Home-Owners

Whilst we have 36 years trading experience with outside insulation rendering in both the domestic and commercial sectors, we are especially keen to work with individual private home-owners to refurbish and retro fit the finest  external wall insulation systems available on the market and can design a bespoke system if so required.

We also welcome enquiries for new builds, social housing  and private extensions but the biggest gains from exterior insulation will be achieved by those people living in solid wall properties probably built before the 1930′s or the prefab style no fines concrete, Airey and  BISF steel top houses built in the 1950′s.

Solid Wall Outside Insulation
keeping you warm , saving you money




The fitting of exterior thermal insulated cladding to solid wall properties needs to be professionally carried out in accordance with best practice and to meet the Building Regulations Part L1B which oversee external wall insulation systems within the UK.

If in doubt about the implications of thermal cladding or want some explanation of the Building Regs L1B then please call or email us with your questions.

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