External Wall Insulation for Solid Walls

Traditionally solid wall homes ie those without a cavity, have been known as “ Hard to Heat ” or ” Hard to Treat ” homes as the heat quickly passes through the walls and this cannot be reduced by cavity wall insulation for example.

Until recent times in the UK there has been very little that could be done to insulate these types of walls but fortunately we are now beginning to adopt insulation practices that have been used in European countries such as Germany for more than 50 years, namely external wall insulation systems.

In laymans terms the system simply involves cladding the whole of the exterior walls with insulation sheets and then weather proofing the sheets with an attractive coloured render, brick or stone finish. The result is not only a new looking property but one that will be hugely warmer whilst also saving money on the heating bills in winter.

Thinc™  has been established by the UK’s leading external wall renovation company with over 35 years experience and as such we bring unrivalled expertise and knowledge to the specialised area of exterior solid wall insulation including our 15 year guarantee.

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