Any Government Grants for External Wall Insulation ?

Any Government Grants for External Wall Insulation ?

Fortunately there are some Government “grants “coming in the very near future through the Green Deal Scheme.In addition, the Government do only charge 5% vat so in effect give a 15% subsidy through the taxation system.

RICS PRICE RISE They have also instructed the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to give a higher value to homes with substantial energy saving measures such as external wall insulation systems. Whilst RICS are still formulating the new valuation models it is thought that a premium of around 5% to 6% will apply ie an increase in value of around £8000 to £10,000 on the average property price of £160,000.

The Green Deal will start in early 2013 and will offer low interest loans tied to the property on the basis of the money saved on lower bills being used to pay the loan installments. One small flaw in current thinking is that under this proposed scheme there is no financial incentive for the home-owner unlike the Feed In Tariff  for solar panels.

Other Insulation Grants Available

external insulation grants


There is often some financial help available to all home-owners regardless of income or house type non-Governmental sources. The much maligned Energy Companies often run free grant schemes which contribute towards the costs of external wall insulation and Wethertex have access to these grants on behalf of its clients.

Please call or email us for up to date grant information & for the latest news on the Green Deal.

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