Grants for External Insulation, Notts,Lincs,Yorks,Derbys,Leics

Whilst we are currently in the midst of tough economic times there are still some small grants available from certain Energy Companies under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target scheme.
The grants are only applicable for external insulation that has been carried out by an accredited installer and using accredited and tested materials that are acceptable to Building Regs under Part L1B . The installer – in this case Thinc – can claim a small grant rebate for the client in exchange for the client letting the Energy Company claim the CO2 savings towards their reduction targets.
To our way of thinking any free contribution is not to be passed up and although only small in size the grants can mitigate a lot of the extra cost incurred when fitting an insulation render system as opposed to a render only system.
The grants do vary by property type and size and can be paid as a rebate several weeks after the work is completed or can be deducted from the initial cost if the home-owner prefers.

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