solid wall grants

The last government grants for solid walls were withdrawn on March 26th 2015.In July 2015 they announced they would be overhauling their funding of all energy saving schemes and details would be released after the review. Hopefully the grants will return during 2016 and we will release any new grant schemes via this page.


Solid wall grants have previously been available to owners and tenants of any type of  solid wall property and are designed to greatly reduce the upfront costs for the home-owner of having energy saving insulation fitted to the outside walls.

For the home-owner wishing to keep warm with reasonable heating bills there is also Green Deal Finance available but this is also undergoing a review into how to make it more attractive to home-owners. 


 Government  Green Deal Help

The Chancellor of the Exchequer recognises the importance of cutting energy use and bills and has levied a 5% vat rate on external insulation as opposed to a standard rate of 20% . This 15% subsidy is very welcome and it represents a saving of around £1500 on a 3 bed semi-detached solid wall property.

Council Insulation Schemes

Every so often local Councils will be able to bid for central government funds to help their residents improve the insulation within their homes. These funds are especially targeted at older solid wall properties and can be worth more than any other type of grant.

Therefore we would recommend that you call your local Council’s housing department to check if there are any schemes currently running that you can access. Such schemes require you to use qualified and approved installers and materials and so Smarter Homes will also be able to help you meet these conditions.

Energy Company Insulation Grants

These grants are a legal obligation placed on the Big 6 Energy Companies by the government. The current grant scheme is very poor for solid wall insulation and has been replaced by the governments own grant scheme called the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. 

The Energy Company grants are aimed at social housing and are for a wide range of energy-saving home improvements and can be accessed only through an accredited Green Deal Advisor following a Green Deal Assessment survey.


Local Council Help

council grants for insulationUnless you have been living on another planet you will be aware of the current financial difficulties facing our local councils and of the need to cut costs and save expenditure and unfortunately this often means job cuts.

Despite this position the Councils now have responsibility for the carbon footprint of their borough and under the Green Deal Communities Fund they do have access to a pot of money they can use to upgrade and modernise homes in their local area.

In addition a lot of Councils are teaming up with companies like Smarter Homes to offer the Green Deal Scheme to their residents so it is definitely worth a phone call .



Energy Saving Trust

energy saving trust grantsHugely under-used and under-valued the Energy Saving Trust should be  people’s first port of call for energy saving advice,not just for solid wall insulation grants.
With a national network of Regional Offices this non- profit organisation has access to information and sources of  funding that no-one else does. We strongly urge you to tap into this great resource and contact the Trust to see if they can help you save money and energy across a lot of other areas in your home.



*For more information you may wish to see the DECC Code of Practice which governs those companies acting as Green Deal Assessors,Providers or Installers.