The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund cancelled

On July 23rd the government announced an immediate closing of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund for solid wall insulation grants pending a review. A new scheme will be announced after this review and probably in the Autumn. 

There is still £150 million up for grabs during the 2015/2016 tax year so once the replacement scheme opens get your application in quickly as previous experiences indicate  the money will all be allocated within a matter of weeks.

At the end of June 2014 the government stepped in to replace the discredited energy company grants for solid wall insulation with a new cash back scheme called the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund or GDHIF for short.

The GDHIF offers tranches of cash back money on a first-come-first-served basis at various times throughout the year. When the scheme is running you will need to register online for a cash back voucher if you are going to have external wall insulation installed on your home. This registration must be done before work starts and only after an EPC or Green Deal Assessment has been carried out on your home.

The external insulation has to be installed on at least 50% of your property’s solid wall area and can only be done by an accredited Green Deal Installer. It must be completed within a certain time frame and the cash back is restricted to a percentage of the cost subject to a maximum cap.

The cash is paid directly to you and not the installer so in theory you must pay the whole cost upfront and then claim the cash back by redeeming the voucher you applied for before work began. In practice a lot of our installer partners are prepared to wait until you get the grant.

How to Apply

You need to go online and register by completing a simple form which will ask you for your EPC  or Green Deal Assessment number and the name of your Green Deal installer. You will also need to have an official quote in electronic format such as a Word or PDF document so you can attach it to your online application form.

 Cash Back Myths

There is a lot of rumour and myth surrounding grants and cash back so for accurate and up to date information call us to find out what schemes are running,who can apply and what the level of funding is at the present time.

If you would like help or advice with anything to do with grants or the new cash back scheme then please call our Green Deal Advisor Mike Dinmore directly on 07768 815905 or email him at