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Outside Insulation On A Victorian Home

When it comes to external wall insulation there are at least several million Victorian period homes that present challenges in retro-fitting an exterior insulation system. Whilst cast iron soil pipes can be changed to allow thermal boards to be fitted behind, the greatest concern for the home-owner is in altering the aesthetics.

Complimentary Thermal Rendering


victorian external insulation Most people chose to buy a Victorian property precisely because of the apearance. In particular the large front windows and stone bay mullions contrasting against the red brick, are especially sought after along with some fancy brick detailing around doors and at the roofline.

Unfortunately these attractive homes do leak a lot of heat through the solid walls and can be very cold in winter and expensive to heat.

A good solution is to thermally clad the large gable side walls as these are the largest area of heat loss and are not that aesthetically pleasing in the first place.

If a neutral soft colour is used as the finished render coat the effect can actually enhance the look of the property whilst stopping any damp problems and of course reducing those heating bills.

Internal Insulation  for the Front Wall

It is still possible to maintain the original period frontage – and preserve the property’s value – whilst insulating internally to cut heat loss and lower running costs. The choices really are to dry line and plaster board the interior walls or, if this will affect dado or picture rails for instance, a better alternative may prove to be the latest 3mm thick thermal lining papers. These are incredibly effective especially when then painted using insulating paint additives which give a combined 40% reduction in heat loss and stop condensation damp as well.

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