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Invisible Insulation

Clear coating invisible insulation is the solution for those home-owners who want to keep their walls dry and free from penetrating rain but do not want a coloured paint or rendered finish.


Invisible Clear Coat Insulation!!

For those of you with original brick or stone facades that you wish to preserve we can also apply a clear insulating coating that dries to an invisible finish. This clear coat can also be used in conjuction with a thermal insulating board system for example where it is important to keep the brick or stone on the front elevation but the sides and rear can be fitted with an insulated render system.

Invisible Insulation

The clear coat insulation can be spray or roller applied and works by seeping into the first few millimetres of the surface where it acts like a breathable membrane to let moisture out but stops water getting into the wall. Recent Research at the University of Portsmouth has demonstrated a 29% reduction in heat loss as the now dry bricks retain far more of their insulation ability than a wet brick does . In effect the thermal cladding effect of solid bricks is not diminished by penetrating rain and a drier wall is a warmer wall.

Available also as a supply only product we can provide a milky white clear coating that dries to an invisible finish but has a milky white appearance so during application it is easy to see where you have missed any sections.


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