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External Solid Wall Insulation Grants

east midlands semiSmarter Homes’ partners have been fitting exterior wall insulation systems with grants since 1980′s across the

Sheffield,Leeds & Huddersfield

area. In many cases we can obtain free Grants to help with all or part of the costs.

So,if you live in one of the 500,000 solid wall homes in the South Yorkshire area which can benefit from a reduction in heat loss and heating bills call Smarter Homes now for a free quote or advice on grants in your area.


Cold Walls Cost Money

warmer wallsA solid wall with no insulation loses around 80% more heat than an insulated wall.

By retro- fitting an external Smarter Homes wall insulation system the typical home-owner can save around £400 off their yearly heating bill.

The walls are wrapped in a thermal blanket which is then rendered as shown opposite. Not only does the house get a make-over but it also rises in value due to the lower running costs.

Freephone 03300 889 552 or CLICK  FOR GRANT ELIGIBILITY

Who Qualifies For a Grant

The great news is that every home-owner or tenant living in a solid wall home is eligible is eligible for the insulation grants and VAT subsidy.

There is no means testing involved and in some cases other energy saving home improvements such as double glazing or loft insulation may also be made available.

There has never been a better time to beat the rising cost of trying to keep warm in winter so why not call us now and find out how soon your home can be transformed.

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