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Green Deal Advisor Grants

green house loansThe launch of the Government’s Green Deal Scheme in 2013 was built around an initial home energy assessment and survey.

This detailed survey kick-starts the whole process and is seen as being crucial to the success of the scheme.

The home inspection and survey can only be carried out by a fully trained and authorised Green Deal Advisor.

The idea being that no loans or grants from the Green Deal Scheme for insulation work can be accessed until this survey report has been compiled.

 Freephone 03300 889 552 or click  For A  Green Deal Advisor Survey

Role of Green Deal Advisors

house surveyAn authorised Green Deal Advisor will carry out a full energy efficiency inspection of your home.This is to determine if any improvements are possible with particular emphasis on levels of insulation and effectiveness of heating systems.

Using specially designed software the Advisor will then produce a detailed report listing the most appropriate and cost effective measures you can implement to save energy and cut your bills.

These recommendations will also include pay back periods,carbon savings and details on any Grants or Loans that you can claim towards the costs.

 Green Deal Advisors

As a leading force in home protection and insulation systems Smarter Homes will be providing

 Green Deal Survey Fee rebates for anyone who has work done through ourselves

Our staff are currently undergoing the rigorous training and assessment required to become licensed Green Deal Advisors in order to be able to offer our customers a one-stop service from initial survey through to installation.

So,if you are considering a Green Deal Loan then contact us by phone or email to claim your free survey and get the ball rolling as soon as the scheme starts.

 Freephone 03300 889 552 or click for a Green Deal Advisor Survey


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