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Official Launch of Green Deal

Official Launch of Green Deal

The Dep’t of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has just announced that 28th January 2013 will be the official start of the energy saving Green Deal Loans & Grants. From this date Green Deal Providers will be able to offer home-owners and private tenants the first Green Loans to fund essential insulation and heating improvements

green deal surveyThe first step is to book a  Home Energy Assessment from a Green Deal Approved Advisor such as THINC Wethertex. For the time being there is a £100 cash back offer we are offering the survey free  on a first come first served basis.

The gateway to the Green Deal schemes is via a Green Deal Assessment survey, carried out by an approved Green Deal Advisor. The home survey inspects all the structural and behavourial aspects of a home and its occupants in relation to the quality and efficiency of the existing insulation and heating.

A report is produced that will show you exactly what insulation or heating measures your home would benefit from and whether you qualify for financial assistance for some or all of the cost.

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Who Qualifies

This is a complex area and qualification criteria varies dependent upon house type,the home improvement recommended and in some cases the level of income or benefits the applicant is in receipt of. Hence the need for a survey visit and report as the first step.

We can tell you,however,that anyone living in a solid wall home will qualify for external wall insulation and loft insulation regardless of income or benefits.

What Home Improvements are Included

green deal homeThere is a long list of measures contained within the survey software that may be eligible for full or partial funding.

Each home survey report will vary but we can tell you that the primary areas for financial assistance are for insulating older homes with solid walls and for upgrading single or old double glazing, loft insulation and inefficient heating systems with old style non-condensing boilers.

How Much Do I Get

The Green Deal scheme will comprise two financial elements. The first is a free grant contribution from the Energy Suppliers and the size of this depends upon the type of home improvement being installed and the house style and in some cases on income levels.

green grantsThe second element is a low interest loan tied to your electric meter which funds the shortfall – if any exists – between the free grant and the full cost of the measure being installed.

The two elements do not have to both be taken up ie you can take the grant without having to take the loan if you wish.

The only way to find out just what you are entitled to is to arrange a free Home Energy Assessment and see what the independent report recommends.

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