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insulated render systemExternal Insulated Render Systems

is a term used to describe a combination of external rendering and an insulation cladding.

Instead of trowelling on a sand and cement render directly to the brickwork you first attach a thermal layer of cladding to the outside wall surface by affixing with a powerful adhesive and then drilling and pinning the thermal cladding to the underlying wall .


 How New Is Insulated Rendering ?

In the UK external thermal rendering has been around for about twenty years in any great volume. But using external insulated render has been standard practice across Germany for over 5 decades as they prefer to build solid wall homes and fit an external insulated render system to obtain U values far superior to those achieved in the UK.


Grant Funded Insulation Rendering

Depending upon funds being available solid wall homes needing insulated render may qualify for grant funding under the Green Deal Scheme. The application and production of insulated render systems is closely monitored under the Building Regulations to ensure best practice is followed and in the majority of cases a home-owner will need to file a Building Notice with their Council as part of the Green Deal process.


 Can Insulating Render Cut Heat Loss ?

heat savingExternal insulated render systems for solid walls are independently tested & examined by Building Control Inspectors to ensure they insulate the walls properly and effectively. Turn down the thermostat and start saving around 35% of your heating bills say the Energy Saving Trust.

In fact, 90mm of the leading exterior insulation board – Graphite Enhanced EPS – has approximately the same insulation effect as a 4.5 feet thick brick wall! As most walls that need an external insulated render tend to be around 9 inches thick you can see the enormous difference an exterior insulating render system will have on your home.

For those keen to maximise thermal efficiency in their homes you can go up to 200mm of external insulation cladding as long as there is sufficient ventilation within the home to allow moisture to escape the home at the appropriate rate to avoid excess humidity.


Do Insulating Render Systems Vary?

YES. There is a lot of choice in the type of thermal cladding used, the finished look of the rendering itself and also a very wide colour choice.In other words there really is something to suit every home and a lot of scope to dramatically alter the appearance of your home when using an external insulated render.


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