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Exterior Insulation or Wall Coatings ?

Exterior Insulation in Solid Wall Homes

wethertex insulation systemIn certain instances exterior wall insulation must be retro-fitted to solid uninsulated walls or those with too small a cavity to inject into. This is under Building Regs L1B and has very few exemptions. The main ones being to insulate internally by dry lining when rendering the outside or to use an external wall coating or house paint if you are simply re-decorating the outside walls.

We offer free home survey assessments and quotations to determine if your home needs an exterior wall insulation system and can also obtain grant funding to help towards the costs.

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Cavity Wall Homes & External Insulation

If your home already has insulated cavities and you wish to replace or install a render system then there is no requirement to retro-fit exterior insulation as part of the work.

options for cavity wallsThat said, there is nothing to prevent you having an exterior insulated render if considerable remedial work is required to the masonry.In this case the thermal cladding must be breathable to avoid sealing the cavity-filled wall.

From an aesthetics point of view the thickness of the external cladding would not need to be as great as on a solid wall, so the likes of window sills and drain pipes would not need modifying.

So, if you are looking into having  a new external tyrolean or pebble dash render with a masonry paint finish then it may well be a very attractive and affordable option to have an exterior insulation system built into the new work.


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