Green Deal Future Uncertain

June 28th 2014 saw the official start of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Scheme introduced by the Government with grants periodically available for energy saving home improvements with special emphasis on insulation.

This scheme was specifically targeted at older properties with solid walls or homes that are built in a non-traditional way eg concrete pre-fabs with the aim of cutting heating bills through better home insulation. Despite being massively popular with each set of grants snapped up within days, the Government cancelled any future grants or loans under the Green Deal on July 23rd 2015.

 What happens Now?

There is a review underway looking at the most cost-effective way of running an incentive scheme to encourage home-owners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The government are consulting the building industry and consumer groups before they announce the replacement scheme.

The new scheme is expected to be in place before Winter sets in and should still be mainly focused on solid wall properties as these are the hardest to heat and the most energy inefficient houses we have.

Home-owners who have already secured a grant voucher or a loan agreement will have these honoured by the government but as from July 23rd no new applications will be considered.

What’s My First Step?

green deal assessments from wethertex ukThe starting point for access to future  Green Deal grants is expected to still be to get a Green Deal Assessment from an approved Assessor.

This is an energy efficiency survey of the structure of your home coupled with a close look at how your household uses energy in every day living.

insulation questionBased on these findings a report is produced that shows you how much money can be saved annually by implementing certain energy efficient measures.

It will also highlight the most energy-saving measures you will benefit from and tell you if you can have the necessary work fully funded under the Green Deal Scheme if required.

Once you have your Green Deal Reports you can apply online for any available grants for any of the measures recommended by your Assessor that have a green or orange tick against them.


*For more information you may wish to see the DECC Code of Practice which governs companies acting as Green Deal Assessors,Installers & Providers