Thermal Rendering For Solid walls

External thermal rendering systems

are now becoming increasingly popular with owners of solid wall homes who appreciate the extra warmth, drier living environment and lower heating bills that result from having a professionally installed thermal render system. We have also seen a small increase in thermal rendering enquiries from home-owners who have house walls with too small a cavity to insulate.

What is External Thermal Rendering?

thermal render cuts heat lossAt one time thermal render only really meant a cement based external render that contained  polystyrene balls to add a degree of insulation to the cold outside walls. However, times change and the UK has now adopted tried and tested external thermal insulation systems that have been in use in Europe for over 50 years !

This exterior thermal plastering is comprised of a typically 50mm minimum external insulation board with very high insulation values and a specialist through coloured synthetic render which goes on top of the insulation cladding to provide both weather protection and also a decorative finish.


How Effective is Thermal Render ?

thermal rendering RegsThermal rendering systems are designed to  improve the thermal efficiency of a wall by at least 75%. By comparison a standard sand and cement render would increase the thermal performance by around 5%.

External thermal rendering effectively wraps the outside walls in a thick warm blanket that results in far greater heat retention within the house. Insulation effectveness is measured is by a U value calculation and a 9 inch solid wall is taken as being 2.1.

Under Building Regulations L1B an existing solid wall house has to try and hit 0.3 U value  ( a massive 80%+ thermal increase from 2.1 U value) when being thermally rendered  and a 60mm external thermal rendering board would do this.

How Expensive is  External Thermal Rendering ?

value for money renderingIn most cases it is not as expensive as you may think but we offer a free two stage quotation service comprising an initial budgetary figure over the phone or by email, followed by a home survey quotation if the budget figure for thermal rendering is acceptable.

Plus of course we may be able to claim a Grant to offset some of the thermal rendering cost.

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