Wall Insulation Building Regs Part L

As from October 1st 2010 there is a new amended section to Part L of the Building Regs that has serious repercussions for both homeowners and builders/applicators involved in any external wall renovation or coating work.

If a property has solid walls or a very narrow cavity then wall insulation must be fitted if more than 50% of any individual wall has a cladding or render applied for the first time or has an existing covering removed or replaced.

With most properties it is usually impractical to have internal insulation due to the disruption, need for redecoration and reduction in room sizes . The easier and more effective route to take is to have wall insulation fitted to the outside face of the walls and then have it rendered or bricked over.

The local Building Inspector will need to visit the job on several occasions to check up and sign off the work and ideally the insulation should give a thermal U value of 0.3 . This will generally involve fitting a system of 70mm thickness to the wall where possible given the building’s design and architectural features.

For more information on the implications of Building Regs or to find out more about the benefits of external wall insulation CALL NOW on 0800 975 5231 or email building regs for insulation

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