Warmfront Ltd approve THINC Wethertex

We are delighted to announce that THINC Wethertex have been appointed as the approved external wall insulation contractors for Warmfront the premier cavity and loft insulation specialists.

Warmfront Ltd are a highly respected company specialising in cutting heat loss and saving energy in inefficient homes. They are also grant funders for larger scale CESP projects and they particularly focus on eneregy efficient heating systems and cavity and loft insulation.

solid wall insulation

Reducing Heating Costs

When it comes to solid walls and the problems with damp and heat loss Warmfront decided to look for an experienced specialist outside insulation company to partner with. Especially crucial was to select a firm who could live up to their own high standards of quality workmanship and customer service.

Wethertex and its specialist external insulation division – THINC Wethertex – are delighted to be chosen as that partner company and we look forward to utilising our 36 years of experience to help Warmfront customers enjoy a warmer and drier home.

We would also like to confirm that small grant subsidies are still available for solid wall homes that have thermal cladding fitted by ourselves and that this applies for brick tile finishes and render finishes.


.               THINC Wethertex  -  Keeping you warm Saving you money


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