What is the payback period for external insulation ?

What is the payback period for external insulation ?

When considering

payback on external wall insulation

it is important to be both accurate and realistic in assessing returns on capital invested in external insulation. The true cost is the difference between installing a render only system and installing an

insulated render

system and this is known as the ” marginal cost ” ie the extra money the insulation element will cost.


marginal cost of fitting an external wall insulation

system would be returned in around 3 to 5 years depending upon your heating patterns. As an example the Energy Saving Trust say a typical 3 bed semi has 75m2 of wall area and will enable saving of around £350 per annumn and so based on £15 extra per m2 the £1125

cost of insulation

will be recouped in around 3 to 4 winters.

Do not forget that in addition to the heating bills coming down there is no ongoing outside maintenance and your home will increase in value over an uninsulated similar property in the same area according to a RICS valuation.

Other considerations are the unknown rate at which heating bills will continue to rise and of course every family heats their home in the way that best suits them so savings, costs and therefore payback will vary a lot.

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