Whilst every property varies to some degree the following guide should prove useful in estimating the costs of EWI and potential government grants available on most homes.

*Please read the notes section for further guidance on costs and for a more personalised quote

Mid Terrace 3 Bedroom/Semi-detached Bungalow

Average cost                             £5000+

Grant/Cash back subsidy                    £3500*

Customer Net Contribution         £1500


End Terrace 3 bed/ Semi Detached 3 Bedroom/Detached Bungalow 3 bed

Average Cost                            £10,000

Grant/Cash back Subsidy                        £4000*

Customer Net Contribution          £6000


Detached House 3 Bedrooms

Average Cost                          £12000

Grant/Cash back Subsidy                        £4000*

Customer Net Contribution        £8000

Guidance Notes

1. The above costs are purely indicative and are based on standard sized homes with no extensions,sound exterior wall surfaces and 2 storeys high

2. Any extra access equipment such as bridging a conservatory or tiled roof will be extra

4. Any specialised trades work such as moving electric cables, extending gas pipes and boiler flues or extending soil and waste pipes will be extra

5. UPVC window cill extensions are included but any wooden cill extensions will be extra

* Exact costs are dependant upon having a Green Deal Assessment & Survey carried out and are subject to the level of grant subsidy or cash back relevant at the time of the work being carried out but these typical costs for external wall insulation can be used for budgeting purposes