Official Launch of Green Deal

Official Launch of Green Deal

The Dep’t of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has just announced that 28th January 2013 will be the official start of the energy saving Green Deal Loans & Grants. From this date Green Deal Providers will be able to offer home-owners and private tenants the first Green Loans to fund essential insulation and heating improvements

green deal surveyThe first step is to book a  Home Energy Assessment from a Green Deal Approved Advisor such as THINC Wethertex. For the time being there is a £100 cash back offer we are offering the survey free  on a first come first served basis.

The gateway to the Green Deal schemes is via a Green Deal Assessment survey, carried out by an approved Green Deal Advisor. The home survey inspects all the structural and behavourial aspects of a home and its occupants in relation to the quality and efficiency of the existing insulation and heating.

A report is produced that will show you exactly what insulation or heating measures your home would benefit from and whether you qualify for financial assistance for some or all of the cost.

Call Back 03300 889552 or EMAIL GREEN DEAL SURVEY

Who Qualifies

This is a complex area and qualification criteria varies dependent upon house type,the home improvement recommended and in some cases the level of income or benefits the applicant is in receipt of. Hence the need for a survey visit and report as the first step.

We can tell you,however,that anyone living in a solid wall home will qualify for external wall insulation and loft insulation regardless of income or benefits.

What Home Improvements are Included

green deal homeThere is a long list of measures contained within the survey software that may be eligible for full or partial funding.

Each home survey report will vary but we can tell you that the primary areas for financial assistance are for insulating older homes with solid walls and for upgrading single or old double glazing, loft insulation and inefficient heating systems with old style non-condensing boilers.

How Much Do I Get

The Green Deal scheme will comprise two financial elements. The first is a free grant contribution from the Energy Suppliers and the size of this depends upon the type of home improvement being installed and the house style and in some cases on income levels.

green grantsThe second element is a low interest loan tied to your electric meter which funds the shortfall – if any exists – between the free grant and the full cost of the measure being installed.

The two elements do not have to both be taken up ie you can take the grant without having to take the loan if you wish.

The only way to find out just what you are entitled to is to arrange a free Home Energy Assessment and see what the independent report recommends.

Call Back 03300 889552 or EMAIL GREEN DEAL SURVEY




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External Solid Wall Insulation Grants

east midlands semiSmarter Homes’ partners have been fitting exterior wall insulation systems with grants since 1980′s across the

Sheffield,Leeds & Huddersfield

area. In many cases we can obtain free Grants to help with all or part of the costs.

So,if you live in one of the 500,000 solid wall homes in the South Yorkshire area which can benefit from a reduction in heat loss and heating bills call Smarter Homes now for a free quote or advice on grants in your area.


Cold Walls Cost Money

warmer wallsA solid wall with no insulation loses around 80% more heat than an insulated wall.

By retro- fitting an external Smarter Homes wall insulation system the typical home-owner can save around £400 off their yearly heating bill.

The walls are wrapped in a thermal blanket which is then rendered as shown opposite. Not only does the house get a make-over but it also rises in value due to the lower running costs.

Freephone 03300 889 552 or CLICK  FOR GRANT ELIGIBILITY

Who Qualifies For a Grant

The great news is that every home-owner or tenant living in a solid wall home is eligible is eligible for the insulation grants and VAT subsidy.

There is no means testing involved and in some cases other energy saving home improvements such as double glazing or loft insulation may also be made available.

There has never been a better time to beat the rising cost of trying to keep warm in winter so why not call us now and find out how soon your home can be transformed.

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Insulating Solid Walls & The Green Deal

insulating green deal loans schemeAll owners of solid wall properties will qualify for some financial assistance under the finalised terms of the Government’s Green Deal according to the final draft version of the scheme.

After 2 years of waiting the scheme finally launched in January 2013 with the first energy saving improvements being fitted to homes later in 2013.

As predicted the main focus is on insulating all exterior parts of the home with the secondary emphasis being on efficient heating systems. In some cases double glazing and loft insulation are also included.


How The Green Deal Works

The whole process starts when a licensed Green Deal Advisor- such as Mike Dinmore- carries out an energy efficiency survey of the house and then produces a report containing recommendations to cut bills and save energy.

authorised green deal installerThe home-owner then uses the report to obtain quotes for any work they want doing from an authorised Green Deal Installer.

Once they know the costs, they approach a Green Deal Provider to see how much of  the cost is covered by a free grant and how much they will have to finance themselves either through their own funds or by using a Green Loan from one of the Providers.

If they use a Green Loan the repayments are added to the electricity bill and are collected by the Electricity Company and sent to the Green Loan Provider.

Customer Protection Guaranteed

The Government has introduced the “Golden Rule” to protect the home-owner and this states:

The costs of any Green Deal recommendation shall not exceed the expected reduction in energy bills over the term of the Green Deal.

In other words the home-owner will not be financially disadvantaged by upgrading their home as the bill savings should always exceed the cost of the work over the period of time the Green Deal was taken out over.



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External Cavity Wall Insulation

wind driven rain areasIn certain areas of the UK it is best advice to insulate a cavity wall from the outside using an exterior insulated render system as opposed to in-filling the cavity.

The map opposite represents the official British Standard Wind Driven Rain Index with the darkest blue sections showing areas in which homes should not be cavity insulated due to wind-driven rain causing damp.

The areas coloured yellow and the lightest blue are suitable for cavity insulation and those coloured purple and deep blue are deemed unsuitable.

The medium blue areas such as Cornwall,Devon and Dorset signify homes that can be safely cavity insulated but only if they are sheltered from driving rain.


 What Are The Risks ?

Originally cavity walls were used in areas at risk of wind driven rain to prevent water penetrating through to the inside by creating an air gap between two walls.

In seeking to cut heat loss and lower heating bills you should not in-fill these cavities as it creates a bridge for water to pass across to the inside and cause damp patches.

Advice, Quotes & Grants

If your home is in one of the risk areas and you would like to find out more information on externally insulating these walls, get in touch. We offer sound advice,free no- obligation quotes and in some instances can even get you a grant to help towards the costs.


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Hard To Treat Cavity Walls

Hard To Treat Cavity Walls

Whilst cavity wall insulation is great for cutting heat loss and reducing energy bills it is not automatically recommended for every house with a cavity wall.

With certain construction methods filling the cavity can cause damp,condensation and possible long term structural damage. To help avoid these problems the Government has issued advice to owners of certain property types as outlined below.

The Department for Energy & Climate Change ( DECC) consider the following types of  walls to be unsuitable for cavity insulation :

Narrow Cavity—Masonry cavities that are less than 50 mm wide,typically 1930′s homes

Concrete Construction—Prefabricated concrete walls with cavities of whatever width.

Metal Frame Construction- Steel frame systems with any size  cavity.

Random Stone — Uneven cavities formed in walls constructed of natural stone outer leaf and block/brick inner leaf.

Timber Frame – Uninsulated studded cavity (also those with a masonry cavity, which must not be filled).

Excess Height -  Generally not recommended if more than four storeys tall.

Exposed Location -  Homes which are Elevated, Western Coastal or Open to severe wind driven rain.


 External Cavity Wall Insulation

If your home falls into one of the above categories then you can save money on heating bills by having an external wall insulation system fitted. These systems are often funded in whole or in part by Government & Carbon Saving Grants under the GREEN DEAL SCHEME so please give us a call or send us an email for more information and to see what help is available to you in your area.

We offer free online or home visit quotes and our friendly staff are able to answer any questions you may have in relation to Grants,Costs or suitability of your property for these money saving insulation systems.





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Green Deal Advisor Grants

green house loansThe launch of the Government’s Green Deal Scheme in 2013 was built around an initial home energy assessment and survey.

This detailed survey kick-starts the whole process and is seen as being crucial to the success of the scheme.

The home inspection and survey can only be carried out by a fully trained and authorised Green Deal Advisor.

The idea being that no loans or grants from the Green Deal Scheme for insulation work can be accessed until this survey report has been compiled.

 Freephone 03300 889 552 or click  For A  Green Deal Advisor Survey

Role of Green Deal Advisors

house surveyAn authorised Green Deal Advisor will carry out a full energy efficiency inspection of your home.This is to determine if any improvements are possible with particular emphasis on levels of insulation and effectiveness of heating systems.

Using specially designed software the Advisor will then produce a detailed report listing the most appropriate and cost effective measures you can implement to save energy and cut your bills.

These recommendations will also include pay back periods,carbon savings and details on any Grants or Loans that you can claim towards the costs.

 Green Deal Advisors

As a leading force in home protection and insulation systems Smarter Homes will be providing

 Green Deal Survey Fee rebates for anyone who has work done through ourselves

Our staff are currently undergoing the rigorous training and assessment required to become licensed Green Deal Advisors in order to be able to offer our customers a one-stop service from initial survey through to installation.

So,if you are considering a Green Deal Loan then contact us by phone or email to claim your free survey and get the ball rolling as soon as the scheme starts.

 Freephone 03300 889 552 or click for a Green Deal Advisor Survey


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Insulating Pre-Fabricated Homes

airey prefabHistorically, Pre-fab concrete or

non-traditional housing

was considered “hard to treat” when it came to trying to conserve energy and cut heat loss through the walls.

The great news is that with a Smarter Homes Insulated Render System it is now possible to


external wall insulation to virtually any pre-fabricated dwelling. This upgrade in thermal efficiency is equal to that of a new house!


Instead of having a new brick outer skin built to create an insulated cavity Smarter Homes can thermally clad and render the exterior walls of your home for a fraction of the cost and with grant funding subsidies.

Call 03300 889 552 or click Pre-Fab Insulation Info & Quotes

Which Concrete Pre -Fabs Can Have External Wall Insulation?

There is a suitable system for every type of non-traditional build including the most common styles such as:

 **  Wates  * Dorran  * BISF * Woolaway * Fines **

 **  Wimpey No Fines * Airey * Rema * Tarran **

bisf constructionIf you live in one of the above properties you will know they tend to lose heat very quickly in winter especially when the heating goes off and reports of damp problems are not uncommon. In contrast, on hot summer days they can get very humid and feel extremely uncomfortable especially in south facing rooms.

Our thermal cladding and rendering system will not only keep you warm amd dry in winter but also cool and comfortable during the rare hot spells we have! For your peace of mind we only use accredited materials that are guaranteed and which allow your walls to breathe whilst keeping the cold and wet firmly on the outside of the wall.

Smarter Homes will be able to give you some initial advice and guidance on likely costs prior to arranging a free home survey quote if you like what you hear and want to get a definitive cost.


Call 03300 889 552 or click Pre-Fab Insulation Info & Quotes



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External Wall Insulation in Birmingham

External Wall Insulation in Birmingham

Smarter Homes’ installers have been fitting exterior wall insulation systems and renders since 1975 and cover all areas of Birmingham and the West Midlands from Sutton Coldfield to Dudley. We can also access free government grants and cash back schemes for our customers.

There are over half a million solid wall properties across Birmingham and the surrounding areas which can be thermally improved to benefit from a reduction in heat loss and heating bills.

Before & After Exterior Insulation

heat loss semiThe 1930′s solid wall semi opposite is a typical example of a thermally inefficient property that can benefit from energy saving external wall insulation fitted by Wethertex.

The pebble dash is blown and needs replacing and so this is a great opportunity to install thermal insulation boards whilst re-rendering.

The small extra cost involved makes exterior insulation a no-brainer.

As the photo below shows the tired looking semi has now been transformed into an attractive and maintenance free home.

dry warm wallsMore importantly though the insulated walls will save the owners around £450 p.a on heating bills and any condensation damp or black mould will be destroyed forever.

With Solid Wall Insulation Grants available to help with the costs and a 15% Government subsidy there really has never been a better time to arrange a free no obligation quote or talk to one of our advisors for more information.



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External Wall Insulation in Surrey

External Wall Insulation in Surrey

Smarter Homes are experts in external wall insulation for all types of property using only Ofgem approved systems. This means that we can access  free government grants or cash back towards the costs for anyone living in Epsom,Guildford and Kingston upon Thames or indeed, any part of Surrey.

The most cost-effective and thermally efficient way to insulate solid walls is by having an external insulation system fitted on the outside of the walls. Not only does it avoid internal disruption and re-decoration caused by internal dry lining, it also avoids reducing the living space and protects the fabric of the building as well.

If you live in one of the 170,000 houses that have solid walls in Surrey and wish to permanently reduce  the spiralling costs involved in keeping warm in winter then call or email for more information on the likely level of costs as well as finding out what sort of free Grant you are eligible for.


Effectiveness of External Insulation

before insulating the wallsAs you can see the house opposite is a fairly typical example of a pebble dashed semi built in the 1930′s with 9 inch solid brickwork under the cement based rendering.

The pebble dash is looking tired and is starting to absorb water and cause the solid walls to leak even more heat than the usual 40% heat loss suffered by this type of build. Typical heating bills would be around £1200 p.a.


Now,take a good look at the same house after it has been thermally upgraded using a rendered external insulation system.

finished ewiWe are sure you will agree the house now looks a lot more appealing and the effects of the wall insulation on the are not detrimental to the appearance of the windows or the door surround etc.

In fact,the property will now lose 85% less heat through the walls and as well as having a lovely maintenance free finish,the newly-insulated walls will stay dry and mean an average £500 p.a reduction in heating bills!





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Energy Saving Electricity Tips

Reducing our Electricity Bills

electric savingsIn this second article on energy saving tips we look at simple and effective ways to cut down our electric usage and save  our hard earned money whilst also being kinder to the environment.

In this day and age most households have far more high-tech gadgets and appliances than ever before and virtually all of them are run on electric or rechargeable batteries and so every watt we can save is a big help in keeping bills down. (more…)

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