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A lot of home -owners would like to replace their external render with brick but cannot afford to build a new brick skin around the house and do not want to stick on those ghastly artificial “brick lookalikes ” that we all know but don’t love and which we can remember from our “real brick ” effect internal chimney breast walls in the 1970′s ! Real clay fired brick slips and brick tiles are available to transform the look of your home.


Brick slip tiles are now widely available thanks to innovative brick companies such as Ibstocks the discerning home-owner can now choose from over 360 different real clay brick finishes in a wide range of colours and textures including a reclaimed brick effect.

Usually around 20mm thick we affix these slimline brick slips by setting them onto the existing wall surface in a bed of special adhesive or on top of an insulation board for solid wall houses. They are then pointed up in the standard way and completely transform the look of the home.

Ibstocks and Papida both have excellent websites with brick slip pictures and will send out free samples upon request to home-owners to choose the preferred style and colour .


The availability of these authentic clay brick tiles means the customer has a great array of design options from brick cladding one wall to the whole house, partial walls such as the bottom one meter or picking out a feature such as a prominent porch or gable wall. Yet another option is to mix and match the brick slips with a render finish to give added character or depth to the outside appearence of the property.

Ibstock brick slip cladding a rendered house

For more information on our brick cladding with or without insulation contact us by phone or email.

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