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Woolaway Homes Grants in Wales

Woolaway Concrete Homes

Not sure if this is going to be of any use but a blog watcher of ours has just told me that in Aberystwith there are some grants for external wall insulation for houses of concrete construction and especially those of the Woolaway style.

These are basically constructed of  solid concrete  panels and do not have a cavity to insulate so must rely on an exterior cladding system to bring the property up to the latest thermal standards.

Apparently these grants are part of an initiative in Wales to upgrade the most poorly insulated sections of older housing stocks. We can access partial grants for Woolaway owners but any extra subsidies are very welcome.


We do have a suitable external insulation system for Woolaway homes and so if you are looking to find out an idea of likely cost or simply want some more information please give us a call.

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External Insulation for Concrete Houses

Anyone living in a home with mostly concrete construction will vouch for the fact that they can be incredibly cold and expensive to heat in the winter months but also become very warm and uncomfortable on hot sunny days . This type of construction material can also have issues with black spot mould and condensation damp especially on outside walls where the bedding or wardrobes are pushed up against the internal side of an exterior wall.
From an external insulation point of view No Fines, Fines,Woolaway and Airey homes – to name a few concrete based construction styles – are no different from any other solid wall house for insulation purposes.

Outside insulation- and the benefits it brings both in winter and summer months- can be affixed in the standard way or slightly adapted and so these once “hard to treat” homes can enjoy the same ambient temperatures and lower running costs as any other more traditionally built house.

In addition,they often qualify for some partial Grant Funding to help with the costs.


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