Exterior Thermal Cladding a Victorian House

Exterior Insulation Cladding on older houses

For the majority of home-owners living in period homes it can be very difficult to picture what an outside thermal cladding system would look like. This is especially true if the walls are still the original brick and the new external wall insulation syustem is to be a coloured render finish.


Insulting the outside gable wall

Single Wall Insulation blends with the other elevation


As the above photo shows having just one outside wall thermally insulated can be visually attractive and can compliment the other walls, especially if the colour choice is well thought out.

Outside Insulation for Victorian, Edwardian & Georgian Homes

The vast majority of victorian and early edwardian homes are solid wall construction and so are perfect for the huge increases in energy efficiency and bill reductions that are a result of fitting exterior wall insulation.

Yet another option is to have the front facade thermally clad with a real brick finish either from a newly made brick slip tile or sourcing a reclaimed brick for a genuine reproduction finish.


Please call or email us if you want to discuss these and other options available for period homes and outside wall insulation.

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