Fuel Poverty – Will It End?

What is  Fuel Poverty?

It is defined as being when a household has to spend more than 10% of its income on providing an acceptable level of heating and lighting in their homes.

fuel povertyThe UK Government has a legally binding obligation to eliminate fuel poverty by 2016 and last December the Statutory consumer body, Consumer Focus, published an update on the latest fuel poverty figures. The new figures caused great alarm amongst politicians and consumer rights bodies such as Help the Aged.

Shockingly the figures for England alone showed a massive INCREASE in year on year figures and 5 million households (up from 4.1 million in 2010) are now classed as being in

Fuel Poverty


Whilst lots of households are struggling to keep pace with heating cost increases there are certain areas of the UK where fuel poverty is worse than others. For example 17% of the South East are classed as being fuel poor but in Wales it is 40% and in the North East it just over 30% and overall it is 1 in 4 households. This is largely due to the 88% increase in energy bills since 2006 and the strain on incomes in the recession has made a bad situation even worse.

A Helping Hand

green deal helpThe eagerly anticipated Green Deal in late 2012 should bring financial relief to the 5million households facing “eat or heat” decisions in the form of free grants and loans for insulation and general energy saving devices such as new generation boilers .

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