Insulation Jargon Explained

As with most industries ,the outside insulation industry for solid wall houses  has its own generic words and terms which sound like a foreign language at times to the typical home-owner .

Hopefully the following explanations should help:

EWI – external wall insulation

ETICS – external thermal insulation systems

SWI – solid wall insulation

CERT – carbon emissions reduction target

U values – a measure of the thermal efficiency of a wall , the lower the number the better

Part L1B – section of Building Regs governing insulation standards in walls, floors and roofs

BBA – British Board of Agrement is the independant construction industry test and accreditation body

Phenolic – a very effficient high density rigid foam insulation board

EPS – a polystyrene insulation board

Rockwool – a natural mineral wool insulation board

DPC – line where damp course starts and which must not be bridged by a coating or insulation board

Microporous – ability of a material to allow moisture evaporation whilst repelling water

Vapour Permeable – as above ie ability to let moisture pass through a material in the form of a gas

Dew Point – temperature at which water vapour condenses to a liquid when warm air hits a cold surface

Nano – a billionth of a meter !!

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