Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation

Thermal Lining Paper

Internal thermal insulation lining paper represents a huge turn key development in cutting heat loss in solid walls where external insulation cladding is either not affordable or is unsuitable for the aesthetics of the house. German in design and manufacture these latest amazing heat saving wall papers really do make an incredible difference to both the room temperature and the amount of energy used.

From tests carried out in Germany the insulating wall liners consistently heated a cold room to 21 degrees in about 75% less time than the same wall with no thermal lining !


Heat Savings from Thermal Lin ing Paper

Warmer in a quarter of the time

Insulating Wall Lining Paper – How it works

The German manufacturers  – Erfurt-MAV- have over 100 years experience and expertise in lining papers and insulation within the aerospace and automobile industries. They have used this wealth of knowledge to invent a thick wall lining paper that has an incredibly efficient 3.5mm insulation layer adhered to the reverse of the lining paper. The insulation results in a far slower and smaller rate of heat leakage through solid walls with more heat retained for longer in the room.

The clever technology gives us a highly efficient layer of insulation coupled with a very high quality lining wall paper that simply needs painting or wall papering in the usual way. It also comes in 750mm widths against a normal paper width of 550mm so covers the walls with less drops of paper. Finally it is easier than wall paper to hang as the walls are pasted with a special adhesive and with no pattern match there is no wastage.


What makes insulation wall liners so attractive

* Quicker room warm up means less energy is wasted

* Heating times can be shortened

* Thermostats can be turned down and every 1 degree saves around 10% of fuel costs

* No more condenstaion as walls are too warm for dew point to be reached

* Can cover small cracks and uneven surfaces so saves re-plastering

* Easy DIY application

* Equally effective on ceilings as it is on solid walls


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