Reflective Heat Saving

As the famous nursery saying goes:

Mirror , Mirror on the Wall………

Mirror or reflective technology is now being incorporated into internal wall papers and lining papers as an alternative to fitting intrusive internal insulation and studded walls.

The idea is to retain heat within the room by reflecting it back as it tries to escape through the walls. Whereas dry lining relies on slowing the rate at which heat escapes reflective technology relies on bouncing heat back into the room and so is far superior in performance.

In fact 4mm of reflective lining thermal wallpaper has the same insulation effect as 68mm of brick or 210mm of concrete !

Global Warming Provides the Answers !!

The crucial importance in reducing carbon in the atmosphere is because thermal heat radiation cannot pass through carbon. Although carbon only accounts for less than 1% of the atmospheres gases it is enough to ensure that heat is  reflected back to earth instead of escaping to outer space. Hence the term global warming.

Taking the effect of carbon and how it encourages warming scientists have replicated the effect by using graphite particles mixed in with a 4mm polystyrene backing to the lining paper. This  means the polystyrene balls behind the backing paper now act as tiny mirrors and reflect radiated heat back into the room instead of it all passing through the paper into the wall and then to percolate outside.

Very cleverly your walls still look like normal papered or painted walls but hidden from view in the body of the lining paper is the mirror technology which ensures the rooms stay warmer for longer and also stay dry as they will prevent any condensation from forming on the wall surface.

The difference in room and wall temperature is immediate and can be felt when you put your hand on the wall. Where once it was very cold to the touch, even with the heating on, it now feels warm thanks to the reflective technology in the paper.

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