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Steel Frame Homes & External Insulation

Steel Framed houses are  becoming increasingly popular for the second time around due to quicker build times and this type of build is no longer the preserve of the industrial or agricultural sector. There are now wide choices in design style and external finishes that were not available in the 1950′s and 1960′s when steel or BISF homes were first being built.

Homes dating back to those pioneering days are often very cold in winter, hot in summer and can have condensation damp issues due to having no cavity to insulate and having walls that lack the thermal mass of other solid wall construction methods.

insulating steel framed homes

steel frame "skeleton"

Outside Appearance

The older steel frame properties tended to have solid concrete shuttered walls or steel tongue and groove upper storeys whilst others had concrete or weatherboard panels as modular inserts between the vertical struts such as Airey or Woolaway homes.




External Thermal Cladding for Steel Frames

There is no problem  insulating the outside walls of such properties and the only difference to thermally cladding a more traditional build is in the preparation stage of the job.

Basically the only difference to a standard external wall insulation fitment is that a special profile frame is first fitted to the existing skeletal frame and the insulation boards are slid into the profile as opposed to being drilled and pinned directly into the underlying solid wall.

This is known as a “cavity rail” system as it essentially creates a 2omm air cavity between the frame and the cladding and prevents any damp corrosion from occurring as it ensures the system can breathe. Both the NHBC & Zurich recognise this system as being highly suited to steel frame properties as do the British Board of Agrement.

Finishes Available

Once the boards and profile are in place then the home-owner has the normal full range of decorative finishing options from coloured renders to textured renders, brick slips or weatherboards.


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