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Tile Hung Wall Insulation

On a lot of 1970′s and 1980′s homes in particular the most common type of wall behind the tile hanging sections was either solid brick or solid blockwork with no cavity. When renewing worn tiles or replacing the tiles with a more modern looking weather board or render finish there is a great opportunity to externally insulate at the same time.

tile hung solid walls

Hanging Tiles onto Solid Walls










Tile Hanging Thermal Insulation

Once the tiles and retaining battens are removed the walls can be thermally clad with an external insulating board which is adhered with a powerful resin before being drilled and pinned to the wall. Once the cladding is secured firmly then the new tiles and battens or an alternative finish can be applied over the top of the boards.

Cost wise this is a very effective way of gaining money saving insulation as the work can be incorporated into the refurbishment and extras such as scaffolding will already be in place as well.

So, if you are thinking of changing the tiles or the appearance of your home please ask us for a quote to include some thermal outside insulation as part of the works.


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