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Insulating Pre-Fabricated Homes

airey prefabHistorically, Pre-fab concrete or

non-traditional housing

was considered “hard to treat” when it came to trying to conserve energy and cut heat loss through the walls.

The great news is that with a Smarter Homes Insulated Render System it is now possible to


external wall insulation to virtually any pre-fabricated dwelling. This upgrade in thermal efficiency is equal to that of a new house!


Instead of having a new brick outer skin built to create an insulated cavity Smarter Homes can thermally clad and render the exterior walls of your home for a fraction of the cost and with grant funding subsidies.

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Which Concrete Pre -Fabs Can Have External Wall Insulation?

There is a suitable system for every type of non-traditional build including the most common styles such as:

 **  Wates  * Dorran  * BISF * Woolaway * Fines **

 **  Wimpey No Fines * Airey * Rema * Tarran **

bisf constructionIf you live in one of the above properties you will know they tend to lose heat very quickly in winter especially when the heating goes off and reports of damp problems are not uncommon. In contrast, on hot summer days they can get very humid and feel extremely uncomfortable especially in south facing rooms.

Our thermal cladding and rendering system will not only keep you warm amd dry in winter but also cool and comfortable during the rare hot spells we have! For your peace of mind we only use accredited materials that are guaranteed and which allow your walls to breathe whilst keeping the cold and wet firmly on the outside of the wall.

Smarter Homes will be able to give you some initial advice and guidance on likely costs prior to arranging a free home survey quote if you like what you hear and want to get a definitive cost.


Call 03300 889 552 or click Pre-Fab Insulation Info & Quotes



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