What is the U value of my wall ?

Typical U values for solid wall houses

Whilst there is a great variety of construction materials and methods within the UK the following table is based around the most commonly found solid wall construction ie a 9 inch solid brick wall with 10mm of internal plaster .

The figures show the net U value achieved by the different external wall insulation materials that are used for thermally cladding the outside walls of our homes.

U Values Achieved

From an initial 2.05 to 2.10 U value the following can be attained:

9 inch solid brick & 10mm plaster

Depth                  EPS         Rockwool       Kingspan Phenolic

40mm                 0.63            0.62                    0.45

50mm                 0.54             0.53                    0.35

60mm                 0.47             0.46                   0.30

80mm                 0.38             0.37                    0.23

100mm               0.31              0.30                    0.19

Cement Render Insulation Value

The addition or presence of 25mm of external sand and cement render has virtually no insulation value at all and only reduces the above by 0.01.

Cavity, Blockwork & Timber Frame U values

THINC can also calculate insulation requirements for virtually every type of construction method and we welcome any enquiry for a specialist calculation that you may need.


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