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Energy Price Rise Announced

UK home-owners were dealt another bitter blow with the recent announcement by Scottish Energy of a whopping 19 % increase in our gas bills.

gas price rise makes insulation a must have

More Reason to Insulate

As sure as night follows day we will be hearing from the other utility companies that they also need to raise their prices and probably by a similar amount.

This latest rise means that gas and electricity prices have now risen by over 50% in the last two years and have doubled since 2006 !

Considering that demand is nowhere near its peak as yet due to the global recession it is a sobering thought that gas and electricity prices are only going to be headed in one direction in the years ahead.

If you want to reduce your heating costs and save thousands of pounds in the future there really has never been a better time to install solid wall insulation.


Cut Heating Bills Forever !

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Insulation Payback Times – WHY OH WHY ??


Once upon a time a home-owner , Mr Jones, decided to have some home improvements . He called in the double glazing company, picked his new energy efficient windows ,asked the price and then agreed a start date.

Happy with his new windows he then called several local roofing contractors to sort out the cold and leaky roof. He asked about different tiles, made his choice, then after asking the price agreed a start date.

For his final home improvement project Mr Jones called the external wall insulation company to discuss replacing the tired and cracked pebble dash with an insulating render system. He asked about different finishes, made his choice and asked the price. He then asked the insulation expert

” Tell me, before I decide to place an order, how long is the payback period ? “


Why is it so important  to Mr Jones ?

The insulation man replied  ” That is a really interesting question and before I answer  Mr Jones, can I ask you a few questions to help me understand why you ask ? “

” Tell me, what is the payback period for your new windows and roof and why is an investment in your home through insulation different from new windows, a new roof or a new kitchen ? “


As you will have probably worked out Mr Jones had no logical answer because there really isn’t one and yet people are continually told to only take action if the initial cost is returned in enrgy savings in a reasonable length of time.

Imagine if the same logic was applied to cars . No-one would ever buy a car again ! Drive it away and lose 20% in vat costs and after 3 years it has lost half its value .



Forget paybacks and rates of return . If your home is cold, damp, leaking heat or needs an existing cladding renewed then the only considerations should be the affordability and suitability of the work.


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Energy Cost Savings from Wall Insulation


Whilst it can seem that every man and his dog are  shouting  from the rooftops about the value and efficiency of home insulation there is precious little detailed information on the pounds, shillings and pence that can actually be saved in particular from insulating cold solid walls.

Whilst every home uses their heating in different ways with varying temperature and timing settings it is possible to extrapolate certain guide line cost savings beased around authoritative bodies who publish independant figures based on serious scientific research.


The following figures are based around a 5% annual price rise :

House    10yr Saving    Annual Saving at 10 yrs   20 year Saving        Annual Savings at 20 years

semi          £ 5,231       £ 620                           £ 13,841                        £1,061

det’d        £7,546            £ 977                         £ 20,006                      £1,516

Whilst these figures are purely a projection at 5% per annum increases in heating bills we believe they are very conservative especially when compared to increases in the last 4 years . In fact the above assumes about a 50% increase in energy costs in 10 years time when we have seen this size of increase in the last few years alone.


The above fuel savings are based around the UK average household  gas consumption of 20,500kw/h from OFGEM and the Energy Saving Trust’s average energy cost savings of £400 for a standard 3 bed semi using gas central heating that undertakes solid wall insulation

The Energy Saving Trust assess a 3 bed semi as having around 75 m2  to 80 m2 of net wall area and from our experience that is an accurate figure with a 3 bed detached having around 120 m2 of  net surface area . The heating bill savings are based on these figures.


As for future price rises we do know that Ofgem have predicted a miniumum 20% rise by 2020 as a direct result of the  Energy Companies passing onto consumers the extra investment costs incurred to meet the legally binding Carbon Reduction targets and guarantees of future stable gas /oil supplies.

Throw into the mix the far greater costs of extracting oil from the new fields in the arctic and the extreme depths in the Gulf, along with increased demand from the likes of China and India,  and it is clear that the cost of oil and therefore gas will continue to climb.

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