What savings can I expect to make from thermal cladding ?

Whilst every homeowner uses heating in a different way at varying levels the respected Energy Saving Trust calculate that a typical 3 bed semi will use around £400 less in heating costs if a solid wall home has external insulation cladding fitted to the correct standards.

Another measure often recommended as a more personalised and relevant figure is that a Building Regs compliant system will lead to cost savings on external wall insulation by cutting heating costs by around 40% .

Important to remember though is that heat will try to find the path of least resistance so ensure loft and roof insulation is adequate and that doors and windows are draught proofed otherwise the gain from the wall insulation will be greatly reduced.

The other important fact of course is that heating costs are based upon oil and gas prices and everyone agrees these will only continue to rise in the years ahead so annual bill reductions will also continue to rise as well.

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