Why do I need Building Regs Approval ?

Under the Building Regs Part L1B 2010 you cannot replace or add a wall covering – apart from paint – to any solid wall without incorporating insulation to save energy and reduce heating costs . This applies to any internal wall renovation or external rendering of the wall and covers things like replacing or adding render,plaster or cladding and applies if you are working on at least 50% of an individual wall’s surface area. Mistakenly some people assume it has to be 50% of the whole house before you need to insulate but it is 50% of each individual wall.

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The process is to send in a simple Building Notice – available on line or from the Council – at least a week before work starts to inform the Building Inspector you are having work carried out and for them to come out to your property to inspect the work to make sure it complies with the Regulations.

What happens if I do not file a Building Notice and do not include insulation when renovating my walls ?

Both you and the builder will be in contravention of the law and you run the risk of being served with an Enforcement Notice whereby you will have to then have the new work removed and the correct system fitted with insulation included . Failure to comply can then lead to a financial penalty in addition to having to pay again for the work to be done.

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